CMM Paleo Staff and Paleo Quest Team up for USASEF

CMM Paleo Staff John Nance and Stephen Godfrey and CMM Paleo Interns Victor Perez and Jess Howard will team up with Jason Osborne and Aaron Alford of Paleo Quest and Shark Finder at this years USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC.

You will be able to find Stephen Godfrey and Victor Perez at the Scientific American booth talking about fossil shark teeth.

John Nance and Jess Howard will be at the Sci-Starter booth displaying Calvert Cliffs fossils and will have some cool fossils for visitors to take home!

Click the link below for more information on some of the many speakers at USASEF this year.

USASEF Speaker Announcement


Fossil fish skull and its ears

This is a partial fish skull from Calvert Cliffs. What makes this skull even more interesting is the presence of the otoliths still in life position. An otolith is part of the inner ear of fish (Check out this link for more info: ). The otoliths are very rarely found associated with the skull; more often being found as isolated pieces in fossil deposits. In the picture the skull is (roughly) outlined and within this area you will see two light tan bumpy things, those are the otoliths.

Fossil Fish Skull

Perry Carsley discusses making archival jackets

Perry Carsley, , has been making the archival jackets for the 25 foot whale CMM quarried in 2008. The specimen, CMM-V-3988, includes a partial skull, 45 vertebrae, 15 ribs, and the left flipper. Perry has been painstakingly preparing the bones, consolidating them, and then fitting them for an archival jacket. One of the most interesting things so far have been the preserved hemal arches.

In the two videos here Perry discusses some of the techniques he uses to create these archival jackets to preserve and protect the delicate fossils.

Paleo Quest in the News

Paleo Quest in the News

Great article about Aaron Alford and Jason Osborne and their exploits for science!

From the article:

“As part of their citizen science effort Sharkfinder, Paleo Quest researchers Jason Osborne and Aaron Alford prowl the shores of the Chesapeake, dive deep into black swamp water and fill buckets with fossilized sea sediment to find ancient fossils. But they’re not doing it for fame or fortune, and they’re not doing it alone.”